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As a book and DVD publisher, we recognize that our world continues to evolve and change. Nearly every year or so, another vital discovery promises to make our lives better. Yet the process of accepting newly-discovered truth can be difficult. Nearly sixty years ago the idea of "positive thinking" was rejected by the established experts on behavioral change. Despite that conflict, Norman Vincent Peale sold millions of copies of his popular book and many lives were changed for the better.

That author, and many other pioneers of paradigm-shifing truths are never deterred by the lack of acceptance for their work. They know the "experts" of their time are often blinded by tradition, market pressure, and monetary commitments to others. Inevitably, the traditions of the past soon give way to brighter and more satisfying remedies, and the pioneer's work is vindicated..

We believe that some of the most powerful paradigms for better living just now in the process of discovery. We invite everyone to actively pursue positive change by learning from the pioneers around us.

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  • Gary Laundre, Ph.D.
  • Rachel C. Ray
  • Chris Prentiss
  • Lloyd Richmond


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